When it comes down to it, we just love decorating events!

Linen + Loot offers a variety of services to allow you to achieve the event you’ve envisioned, with the budget you have. We’re happy to suggest items to rent, offer stylists to ensure those items are beautifully placed, or bring in a crew to handle the heavy lifting!

See our Linen + Loot: Complete Pricing + Services Guide

Décor Rentals

Furniture, rugs, pillows, tables, chairs, themed props, accessories, vases, table settings, backdrops, arches, lighting, lanterns, votives…basically – we’ve got it – and as former Event Planners, we’ve cataloged our curated collection with images, quantities, dimensions, and pricing to make event decorating accessible…FINALLY! Our rental option is perfect for the client who knows what they like and can create a Wishlist of items by browsing our online gallery.

By submitting a Wishlist, you are requesting pricing and availability for the pieces you add; it’s like a shopping cart to compile dream items without clicking the Checkout button. If you have already submitted a Wishlist or have a proposal underway, contact your Loot + Linen representative directly to update your invoice (vs. submitting a new one!).

When submitting your Wishlist, let us know your venue and how you would like to receive your items. We offer:
Will-Call: you pick up items and return them after the event
• Delivery: drop off and pick up of rentals
Delivery + Crew (Set Up and Take Down): we set up our rentals and return to remove them, following the event

Still have questions? Contact us or visit Q+A for pricing and more details.

Styling + Design

Our in-house team specializes in event décor, floor plans, and set-up/tear-down logistics. We make it our mission to incorporate our clients’ vision and personality into the look of their special event, while elevating the outcome with our expert eye.

We offer rentals for the “DIYer”, Stylists for the “I know what I want but can’t be there to put it together-ers” and Designers for the “help me with everything!-ers”

Designer: a dedicated professional to work with the client from start to finish to create an aesthetic plan for your event; sources all items, executes on the day of (including managing our crew to set, remove, and clean it all), maintains all intangibles for the event, and will collaborate with other vendors dealing with visual aspects.

Stylist: an experienced set of hands with an eye for detail to help place items (ours, yours, or other vendors); not privy to the whole design plan, but provides decorative skills onsite.

Our stylists and designers are supported with a crew to do the heavy lifting!

Event Pros: Let’s Create Photoshoots

Calling all photographers, influencers, marketing execs, and beyond! Partnering on photo and video shoots equals us living our best lives. Show us your mood board (or let us create one for the team) and we’ll produce the perfect décor and professionalism to level up your shoot! We specialize in creating moments that tell a compelling story. We love the details and one-on-one attention we can give them while in a session setting! Skills not listed on our resumes include: dress bustling, food styling, wardrobe lint-rolling, and lighting umbrella holding. Wedding photographers, be sure to check out our Loot Boxes for ready-to-go styling kits to nail that perfect shot of the details!

Wedding Inspiration Shoots
Fashion Shoots
Branding Shoots
Product Shoots
and more!

Event Planners: Let’s Work Together

We really mean it when we say we want to work with you! Hear us out… we’ve spent years building our inventory, processes, and reputation, and we’re ready for a business model change that means supporting you, while allowing us to do the stuff we love. We have learned that we don’t need (or event want) to be the captain at every event, and we are already (happily) gathering and storing rental décor and building an incredible, reliable team that performs and exceeds expectations. We know the pressures and lack of resources that can be a pain point within the Event Design industry, and we are really excited to offer a potential solution: we’ve got the loot (rent our items), we’ve got the lift (hire our crew and vehicles to install your rented décor items), and we’ve got the logistics (capable and experienced stylists to execute YOUR vision on site AND be a second set of eyes with the level of attention to detail you expect). Let us share what we’ve built with you and make you and your business look great!

We are so serious about collaborating, we are offering a discount to all event professionals, every time you use our services! Original discount codes were shared via email, but if you are an Event Designer or Planner and did not receive one, reach out to our team to get yours right away.

Let’s share in the wins and make incredible events.